IVM Profit Calculator

This calculator measures the ROI (return on investment) of an IVM machine by your estimation of the following factors. There are many factors, but we have compiled some of the most vital ones needed to know before consideration of an IVM.

Your results are displayed at the bottom and should be used for the consideration of an Internet Vending Machine depending on the predicted and estimated factors you have chosen.
What is your average walk-by and walk-in traffic per day?
What percentage of your traffic do you think will use the IVM machine.
How many days are you open in a week?
What is the average amount of hours are you open?
How much time are you willing to give for $1 worth of access on the IVM?

Your Results are:
You estimated an average of people will use the IVM in a day.
Estimated Revenue Per Day $
Estimated Revenue Per Month $
Estimated Revenue Per Year $

Please note that the results are based on the factors you have chosen above.

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