What is an IVM (Internet Vending Machine) ?

• Extra incentive for customers:
o Internet Access
o Games

• You keep 25% of sales

• Takes up less than ½ the space arcades take:
(WxLxH : 15” x 24” x 6’)

• Absolutely no cost or expenses to you!

Who are we?

We are a pioneer in buliding and implementing IVM using the latest hardware and software technology. We provided solutions and applications to allow retail stores and businesses to gain extra revenues. We hope to build and implement IVM's in all locations to bridge the digital divide.
How do we do it?

As we may already know, IVM is a type of "turn-key" business where the product sells itself without any involvement from you. We build and customize each IVM trailored to the clients customers. Therefore if your audience is mostly teenagers who enjoys playing video games, we will build a gaming IVM. Similiar to an Arcade machine, but with greater flexibility and more functions.
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